Gripit ADVANCE KTAPE - Waterproof Kinesiology Tape

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Gripit ADVANCE KTAPE is a world-leading waterproof kinesiology tape.

Swapping the traditional cotton cloth material for a super shiny SYNTHETIC material immediately makes this tape more waterproof than others. Combined with this are a special waterproofing agent and more quality adhesive, meaning it is the number one waterproof tape on the market.

COLOUR: Blue, Pink


1. Viscose + spandex synthetic material

2. 5 grams/m2 more adhesive than other KTAPES on the market

3. Greater waterproof wash

4. Around 180% stretch allowing kinesiology tape function.


1. Watersports 2. Endurance Sports 3. Obstacle racing 4. Wet and muddy conditions 5. Super sweaty people 6. If you just want a product that lasts longer.

Kinesiology tape is designed to work with the skin and fascia to assist in a number of processes including 1. Pain reduction 2. Mild support 3. Assist blood flow 4. Assist fluid drainage (lymphatic) 5. Work on the balance and proprioceptive system.