APE Grip Tubular Compression Bandage

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High Quality tubular elastic compression bandage. Ideal for support, or for compression following sports injuries.

Available in 10m bulk rolls or in 1 m lengths. 

Comes in 6 sizes of varying widths:

APE Grip B - 6.25cm: Suitable for small wrist, forearm and elbow.

APE Grip C - 6.75cm: Suitable for medium wrist, forearm and elbow, or small ankle.

APE Grip D - 7.5cm: Suitable for large ankle, arm and elbow, or small knee.

APE Grip E - 8.75cm: Suitable for medium calf and knee, or small thigh.

APE Grip F - 10cm: Suitable for large calf and knee, or medium thigh.

APE Grip G - 12cm: Suitable for large thigh.